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Material name PVC/CPVC Pipes
Type Extrusion
Color White or off white, the color can be customized
Morphology Pipes
Place of origin China
Package specification Standard type
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PVC/CPVC Pipes, cold and hot water pipes and fittings

Product default color: White or off white, the color can be customized

As a PVC/CPVC resin supplier, we can produce pipes with dimensions, tolerances and physical properties that meet American Standard ASTMD2846 by using mixtures that meet the 23447 series specified in American Standard ASTMD1784. The inner and outer walls of the pipe are smooth and bright. We provide 1/2 "to2" diameter pipes.

English abbreviation: PVC

Chemical Name: Poly(vinyl chloride)

CAS No.: 9002-86-2

Molecular formula: [C2H3Cl]n

English abbreviation: CPVC

Chemical Name: Chlorinated Poly(vinyl chloride)

CAS No.: 68648-82-8

Molecular formula: (CHCl)n