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PE Wax White Powder, PVC additives, plastic lubricants, Common Additives

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Material name PE Wax
Component Polyethylene Wax
CAS 9002-88-4
Formula (-CH2-CH2-)n
Series Common Additives
Type Common use
Color White
Morphology Powder
Place of origin China
Package specification 25kg bag /1000kg film coated tray
Minimum order quantity 1000kg
Price Please contact us for Price
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Polyethylene Wax

Polyethylene wax, low molecular weight (about 1000 ~ 2000Mw) homopolymer polyethylene wax, is a homopolymer polyethylene wax with lubricating function prepared by HDPE production process. Our products are stable in quality and widely used. It has the functions of lubricating, changing thermal performance and increasing melt fluidity.

Product features:

*High lubrication;

*High heat resistance and thermal stability;

*Low molecular weight (about 1000 ~ 2000Mw);

*High crystallinity.

Product applications:

*Hot melt adhesive: improve the fluidity of products based on polyolefin or EVA, and the recommended addition is 10-30%;

*PVC: as an external lubricant for rigid PVC products, the recommended addition is 0.5-1phr;

*Thermoplastic road signs: for those with hydrocarbon resin as base material, the recommended addition is 2-8%;

*Color Masterbatch: improve the dispersion effect of pigment and filler in polyolefin base material, and the recommended addition amount is 5-10%;

*Cable filling: to improve the shielding effect of moisture erosion, it is recommended to add 5-10phr;

*Rubber: protect the rubber from electrostatic ozone and improve the dispersion of carbon black in the rubber. It is recommended to add 2-10phr;

*Candle: improve the opacity and mechanical properties of the candle and extend the burning time of the candle. The recommended addition is 1-4%.

Main Uses:

1. Used for PVC calcium zinc stabilizer and other products.

2. It can improve the processability, surface gloss and thermal stability of PVC and improve the melt fluidity.



Melting point (℃)


Viscosity 140℃




Moleculare weight




Shore hardness (A)


Density (g/cm3)


Acid value


Calcium content